How To Install Xtream UI IPTV With A Few Steps

Xtream UI is an innovative Internet TV service

It offers both live Internet TV streaming and on-demand TV entertainment to mobile devices via applications for iOS and Android operating systems. The company was founded in 2007 by executives from Vivendi Universal Media and Sesame Street, the world’s most popular children’s cable television programs. Xtream promises a variety of features, including access to live TV content from thousands of worldwide TV stations, the most comprehensive movie library on the internet, and instant access to thousands of premium channels. In short Xtream TV is a unique Internet TV service dedicated to providing quality entertainment services to customers around the world. Xtream TV is backed by a multi-million dollar marketing campaign.

Xtream UI IPTV


To make an IPTV server, you have two options. The first option is to use a software application that creates a customized, stand-alone server that only requires configuration to adjust the way it interacts with your device. The second option is to use an IPTV plug-in which is included in many commercial IPTV solutions. The difference between using a software program or a dedicated server is the amount of memory and processing power that you will need, the control over the interface, and the level of security that you can expect.

One feature in particular that makes Xtream UI IPTV very attractive is its admin panel

The Xtream UI IPTV panel billing panel provides an easy-to-use way to manage and configure your IPTV system. You can create, change, and configure all of the features and options that you need, and have them available at any time. This admin panel can be accessed through a web browser, a command line interface, and even through the use of a virtual private server (VPS).

To access the Xtream admin panel, you will need to log in as root. To do this, simply log into your VPS, go to Administration, then User Access. Once you are logged in, you can access the administration panel by hitting enter on the keyboard. On the admin panel, you will see several tabs; the first of which is Home Theatre Options. Click on the button labeled Television Options; then follow the prompts to set up the configurations that you want for your TV.

When you have successfully logged in to the Xtream admin panel, you will notice that there are several buttons on the left side of the screen. If you click the button labeled Restart System to Begin Setup, your IPTV installation is completed. Then you will notice a new icon on your desktop called Network settings. Click on it and you will see an option for restarting the computer.

Now that you have restarted your computer and you have clicked the network settings icon, you should check whether you have entered the correct password. The step above shows how to install Nano Server software on your VPS. If you have not installed Nano Server software, you can simply hit enter to proceed. When you click Install Nano Secure Server, it will take you to a page where you can select your username and the password that you used during the installation of Xtream UI IPTV.

For Nano Server installation to complete successfully, you need to run the following command at the root of your VPS

Once you have done so, it will ask for your username and password. Using the default option for username and password, your VPS will be up and running once you click the Finish button on the console. You may also choose the Use Windows login to access the VPS provided you have administrator privileges. This will allow you to connect to the main server through your browser, as the web browser you used during installation should already be running.

Once you are connected to the main server, you should follow the instructions displayed on the console to connect to your MySQL database. You will need your MySQL password in order to access the administration panel on your VPS. The next step is to install the Xtream user’s package which will allow you to connect to your TV server using the default URL provided during installation. Thereafter, you will be able to browse the dashboard through your VPS dashboard.

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